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Classic Cars

There is something spectacular about restoring classic cars. Which is why it is great when a customer brings in a vintage vehicle for repairs and servicing. If you’re looking for a full restoration, servicing, or general maintenance, it would be fantastic to hear from you. Please don’t hesitate to contact Martin for more information on classic car services.

Restoration Services

Our experienced mechanic knows the value of each car that is brought to us. Which is why he takes great care in all stages of mechanical restoration, tailoring his services to any car design. Whether you’re looking for an upgrade, an overhaul or a repair, our trained professional is ready to help. Regardless of the project, he can restore all components with expert provision, including brakes, suspension and engines. As well as restoration services, he also stocks and sells multiple classic cars. Get in touch to discuss the details of your classic car’s restoration.

Restored classic car
Classic sports car

Servicing & Maintenance

Treat your classic car to maintenance and servicing from our expert mechanic. This includes brake adjustments, oil changes, and greasing components. With all of this taken care of, you can look forward to driving off with your classic car feeling brand new. Additionally, in the event of the unthinkable happening, he can also offer a wide range of repairs for local breakdowns, meaning he can have you back on the road before you know it.

Contact HGF Motors

Martin is always interested to hear about your latest restoration projects. If you’re looking to bring a classic car back to its former glory, he would love to hear from you.

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