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Vehicle Servicing

During a vehicle service, our mechanic provides a thorough investigation, identifying any current or future problems your vehicle may encounter. It’s easy to mistake an MOT for a service as they are both annual check-ups which review the condition of your car. But whilst an MOT focuses on the legal safety requirements, a service reviews its efficiency and performance. Our vehicle service takes your car beyond the minimum of MOT standards and restores it to showroom condition. Martin is happy to talk you through any questions you may have. Call today to find out more.

Benefits of Servicing

Booking an annual service offers a variety of benefits for your vehicle including:

Classic car
Inspecting car underneath

MOT Preparation

If your annual MOT is fast-approaching, our mechanic can help ensure you pass with flying colours. By bringing your car in, he can identify any factors which may affect your score and can address it there and then. He can also deliver your vehicle to an external company for the test, as well as providing any aftercare which may be required. Contact Martin today to book your next appointment.

Contact HGF Motors

To book your vehicle in for its next service, give Martin a call. He will have your prized set of wheels back on the road in peak form as soon as possible.

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